We are Living on the Ledge. LoL, if you will.

Living on the Ledge is the student blog of the Department of English, Jadavpur University. It’s a space where students of the Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses can share their work, hold discussions and engage with issues that are relevant to literary and cultural studies today.

Our purpose is two-fold.


LoL sends out Concept Notes once in two months, inviting submissions of about 1000 words. We aim to publish 4 to 6 articles on each theme or topic, and the articles may be anecdotal or analytical in nature. They must, however, be original, because the Blog has a zero-tolerance policy towards plagiarism.

The articles will be reviewed and edited by a board of editors that will be constituted afresh for each separate issue.


LoL will also be reporting on-going events, seminars, and what-not that keep happening at the Department of English all the year round. Submissions may be sent by student volunteers, ideally accompanied by photographs.

We thank Shrutakirti Dutta for the name, “Living on the Ledge”. We are very grateful to Priyanka Kumar and Adrija Ghosh for allowing us to use their illustrations as Header image and Site icon.

So that’s about it. We sincerely apologize to the ‘t’ for leaving it out of our acronym, but we hope it’ll understand.

Have fun reading and writing!